Coming in July at Boulder Swing Dance

Join us for another Summer month of swing! Partake for our full line-up on Monday nights at Kake's Studios including our Shim Sham lesson on Week 5. On Wednesday's we're starting a partnered routine series and will continue our Level 1 class at SKEYE as well. Get in on our first Ambassador appreciation social and put on your best medieval garb as we head on down to Larkspur for the Renaissance Festival. 

Monday's at Kake's 

We start a new Level 1 Swing series this month on July 3rd from 8-9 PM.  If you are new to swing dancing, this is where you should start. 

If you've completed a month of Level 1, then you're ready to start our Level 1.5 from 7-8 PM.  This month we'll be building on material from Level 1 while teaching dancers the fundamentals needed to progress to level 2. On Week 5 we'll be teaching the popular swing line dance, the Shim Sham during this time slot. 

Level 2 will be from 8-9 PM and is for those who've taken two months of 1.5. This month we're on our Six Count series where students will learn valuable six count combinations and how to mix them in effectively with eight-count Lindy Hop.

For students who've been through all four of our Level 2 material, our Level 2.5 courses are just for you! This month from 7-8 PM each week we'll be teaching Advanced Lindy material, sure to challenge your repertoire. 


After class, from 9 PM-10:30 PM we'll have our regular weekly dance. Staying for the social dance is a great way to try out moves you learn from lessons, as well as get to know your classmates, and it's free if you take a class.  

ON JULY 3rd Jeremy Mohney and his band are playing for us, so stick around for some great live music!

Wednesday's at SKEYE Brewing

Join us for classes on Wednesdays at SKEYE Brewing! We've now offering a two-month routine series, the Sky Hoppers at 6:30 to anyone who's been with us for a month (details below), and Level 1 for beginners are 7:30.

SKEYE Brewing is a more intimate class setting, and has the bonus of a 30-minute practice session after class to ask our instructors questions, and share a drink with your classmates.

SKY HOPPERS Routine Series. Students will learn a mixture of six count, swing out technique, turns, partner dancing and more! The series is two months long, and $95 per person.The level 1 class on Wednesdays is included. Partners required. Don't have one? Check out our Facebook event and start a discussion.

ON JULY 26th we're having our monthly social dance after classes. Join us at 8:30 for a beer, music and swing dancing!

Social Events

Every month at Boulder Swing dance we host activities to bring our dancers together. This month we have two exciting events for you. 

ON SUNDAY, JULY 9th we're heading where thy can dine upon Turkey legs and walk among wenches and jousting champions alike! Hear Ye, hear ye, this 9th of July we're going as a group to the Renaissance Festival. Check out the Facebook event to get in on our carpool and more!

DATE TBD Amanda and John Armstrong are hosting a social event at their house in honor of our dance ambassadors. We'll play board games and most likely eat food. Not a dance ambassador? Don't worry! This event is open to all of our dancers and friends!