Vintage Clip Scavenger Hunt



Here's how it works:

There are TONS of old clips of the original swing dancers. With the theme of Black History Month, we are putting on a scavenger hunt through vintage clips of lindy hop!

For each week of February (will be posted during the day each Sunday), there will be two tasks for you to find and submit. All clips will be available on or a posted additional link. Once you complete the weekly tasks, enter the information into the Submit Form below.

For those who complete all four weeks, you will be put in our prize drawing (and we have lots of cool prizes)!

Places to find these videos:

Index of Classic Clips
Vintage Swing Dance Youtube page
Vintage Clips Every Lindy Hopper Should Know
Unique and Rare Clips


Task #1: There is a swing dance aerial called "The Snatch." Find this aerial in a pre-1950 clip of lindy hop. What are the names of the two dancers who executed this aerial?
(((Hint: there's one in one of the most well known (and regarded as the best of lindy hop) clips of some of the original swing dancers.)))

Task #2: Two members of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers created a version of the Shim Sham that is a little different than the one you're familiar with. Who are these two dancers? Submit a video of them dancing their Shim Sham.
(((If you need a starting point, read a little about Whitey's Lindy Hoppers and some of the prominent members.)))


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