Coming in September at Boulder Swing Dance

Fall into a dance routine with Boulder Swing this September. There will be no classes on Labor Day (the 4th) but we have plenty else to fill your month with dance. Take our Level 1 and 1.5 classes at SKEYE Brewing in Longmont on Wednesdays, including a free social dance on the 27th. Starting September 11th we'll welcome back Jeremy Mohney and his band at Kake's, following our four classes, including a two-month Balboa routine. We're also hosting a clinic, this time on turns and style, and our social gathering's going down on the 23rd at Gateway park. 

Mondays at Kake's

We start a new Level 1 Swing series this month on September 11th from 8-9 PM.  If you are new to swing dancing, this is where you should start. 

If you've completed a month of Level 1, then you're ready to start our Level 1.5 from 7-8 PM.  This month we'll be focusing on promenades and more swing out technique.

Level 2 will be from 8-9 PM and is for those who've taken two months of 1.5. This month we're on our Balboa series. Balboa is another form of swing dancing used often at faster tempos.

From 7-8 in lieu of our Level 2.5 class, we're teaching a two-month Balboa routine, open to anyone who's taken our Level 2 Balboa course, or similar workshop. We'll be preforming this routine at Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout the weekend of October 21-23.


After class, from 9 PM-10:30 PM we'll have our regular weekly dance. Staying for the social dance is a great way to try out moves you learn from lessons, as well as get to know your classmates, and it's free if you take a class.  

ON SEPTEMBER 11th Jeremy Mohney and his band are playing for us, so stick around for some great live music!

Wednesdays at SKEYE Brewing

Join us for classes on Wednesdays at SKEYE Brewing! For students who've been dancing with us for a month, we're offering our Level 1.5 series starting at 6:30 and Level 1 for beginners will follow at 7:30.

SKEYE Brewing is a more intimate class setting, and has the bonus of a 30-minute practice session after class to ask our instructors questions, and share a drink with your classmates.

ON September 27th we're having our monthly social dance after classes. Join us at 8:30 for a beer, music and swing dancing!

Turns and Stylization Clinic

Attention all scintillating spinners and sassy swivelers! Join us for a follower-focused clinic on turns and style for your Lindy with Skye Festog. The first hour we will be working on building confidence and technique in our whirls and twirls both in solo and in partnership. In the second hour we are going to sex up our Lindy hop a smidge and explore putting some saucy in our swing out. This section is meant to push follows to explore some aspects of stylization they might not have tried yet — no two followers are alike so find the style that makes you feel great!

Leaders! This workshop is a great opportunity to learn how to communicate in a dance partnership. It will be an exercise in fostering conversation in your dances rather than simply leading moves. We will be working on how you can find where follows like to take space and accommodate them comfortably. Plus, a good turn and a cheeky hip pop is useful for leaders too!

See you Sunday, September 10th from 1:00 PM- 3:00 PM. Bring snacks, water, and your personality!

Experience required: Open to anyone who's completed our Level 1 series.


$25 ($20 for leads cause we need you too! $15 for students) or two punches on your Boulder Swing Dance punch card

Social Events

Every month at Boulder Swing we try to take a day to get together away from the dance floor. This opportunity affords us the ability to get to know the people we dance with every week, and the folks whom maybe we don't dance with because they practice the same dance roll. 

SEPTEMBER 15th-17th Colorado hosts Lindy on the Rocks, a weekend-long swing workshop. We recommend checking the whole event out, but we're also arranging a carpool for the Saturday night dance for our Boulder folks here

ON SEPTEMBER 23rd we're headed to Gateway Fun Park (for real this time) to putt-putt, race go-karts, play arcade games and maybe even do the human maze (or use the batting cages, if you're in to that sort of thing.) We'll meet there at 11 and disperse!