Coming in May at Boulder Swing Dance

This month we've got plenty planned to fill your dance card. Join us on Monday's for all of our regular classes, and join the 2.5 class to learn The Big Apple throughout the month. Head over to SKEYE Brewing on Wednesdays for our Level 1 and 1.5 classes, and stay for the dance on the 31st. On Mother's Day we're hosting a Tandem Charleston Clinic, and on Memorial Day we're running the BolderBOULDER. There will be no classes following the run on the 29th. Details below:

Monday's at Kake's

We start a new Level 1 Swing series this month on May  from 8-9 PM.  If you are new to swing dancing, this is where you should start. 

If you've completed a month of Level 1, then you're ready to start our Level 1.5 from 7-8 PM.  This month we'll be building on material from Level 1 while teaching dancers the fundamentals needed to progress to level 2.

Level 2 will be from 8-9 PM and is for those who've taken two months of 1.5. This month we're on our Charleston series. Partner Charleston is an important part of modern swing dancing. This month introduces side-by-side Charleston and tandem Charleston.

For students who've been through all four of our Level 2 material, our Level 2.5 courses are just for you! This month we're excited to teach the Big Apple which is a more advanced swing "line dance" like the Shim Sham. From 7-8 PM each week we'll add on to this energetic solo/partner routine. 


After class, from 9 PM-10:30 PM we'll have our regular weekly dance. Staying for the social dance is a great way to try out moves you learn from lessons, as well as get to know your classmates, and it's free if you take a class.  

ON MAY 1st Jeremy Mohney and his band are playing for us, so stick around for some great live music!

Wednesdays at SKEYE Brewing

Join us for classes on Wednesdays at SKEYE Brewing! We've now offering Level 1.5 at 6:30 to anyone who's been with us for a month, and Level 1 for beginners are 7:30. We encourage our Level 1.5 students to stick around and re-take the Level 1 class so it's included in your nightly punch.

SKEYE Brewing is a more intimate class setting, and has the bonus of a 30-minute practice session after class to ask our instructors questions, and share a drink with your classmates.

ON MAY 31st  we're having our monthly social dance after classes. Join us at 8:30 for a beer, live music and swing dancing!

Tandem Charleston Clinic

Does your tandem Charleston feel a little off? Want to stylize your push aways? Getting stuck in tandem with no hope of escape? Then our Tandem Charleston Clinic is just what the swing doctor ordered. Join us on Sunday, May 14th from 1 to 3 PM. During the two-hour clinic there will be several stations set up where you can work on and practice different skills, while receiving more personalized attention.  


$25 ($15 for students) or two punches on a punch card.
Experience required: Must know basic Charleston moves

Note: In June we'll be hosting a three-hour intensive for everyone going to the 1940s ball. It'll be a swing crash course so let all your swing-curious friends know to keep June 11th free.

BolderBOULDER Swing Social

We're doing it again!

The Bolder Boulder is a very popular 10K held in Boulder every Memorial Day.  The whole town is involved and while there are many serious runners, there are also plenty of people who dress up in costumes and do the race in style. Last year we had a portable boombox playing swing music, which allowed us to Charleston, Shorty George, and boogie our favorite jazz steps throughout the race. We also stopped to dance to Banshee Tree, do the Shim Sham a few times and even do a steal jam to celebrate finishing our first mile. 

Click here to Register. We're going to set a date (before the 15th when prices go up) so everyone can sign up at the same time and get in the same wave. Last year we all just mentioned wanting to be in Krister's wave. Check the Facebook page/group for the latest info. Please keep in mind we'll be in the walking group, so if you want to run it, follow Spencer's lead and run it first then come back and meet up with us to do it again!