Try out for the Flatiron Flyers performance troupe

We are starting an ongoing intermediate performance team at Boulder Swing Dance, the Flatiron Flyers! For those dancers who are looking for a challenge, or who enjoy practicing and performing, this is the group for you. Our first major routine will be at the WWII Ball this summer, but we are planning on other performances as well. There is even the possibility that we may travel as a team to out-of-state events to perform.

There is no limit to the number of individuals on the team, and we will be partnering people up. However, everyone is required to try out. You will be required to demonstrate proficiency over a base set of skills in order to qualify for the team.

Required Skills

  • Dancing and maintaining the rhythm and keeping the beat.
  • Ability to transition between six and eight count Lindy Hop and Charleston.
  • Higher quality of body movement.
  • Lead/follow skills.
  • Ability to listen to, respond to, and be creative with the music.
  • Can dance comfortably at faster tempos.

Format of each try out

Each tryout is 5 minutes long. You will be asked to dance to a couple of different songs while we video tape you. Whether you make the team or not, you will still receive, valuable, custom tailored feedback on your dancing. It is free to try out.

Tryout Time and Location

Tryouts will happen Mondays Feb 6th and Feb 13 from 9:00-10:00 in the small room at Kakes during the dance. You only have to attend one of the two nights to try out. Sign up at the door for a try out slot.

Team Practices

Thursday nights at Kakes Studios in Boulder from 7:30-9PM starting in March.


Cost: $65/month, or $180 for 3 months. This price includes free admission into the Monday night dances and classes.