Class Recap: September Week 1

After BBQs and hikes and soaking up the last of this summer sun, we hit the dance floor at Kake's Studios for another month of classes at Boulder Swing Dance.

On Monday

In Level 1 we learned the basic step, step, triple-step footwork, connected with a partner and did flip-flops, otherwise known as Charlie's Angels.

Then we learned the low-downs combination as shown below:

In Level 1.5 we refined the swing out from Level 1, then we introduced promenades and prome-nots. 

Level 2 is on it's six count month. On Monday we learned six count pass-bys, a free turn and also a tuck turn. Check it out: (and ignore the titles; it's the correct video) 

And finally out routine prep group began for the Flatiron Stompers performance group. Students have a chance to try out a routine and then commit by the end of September on if they'll perform at the 1940's White Christmas ball on December 3rd. (Ignores the title's below)

This week we welcomed back Jeremy Mohney and his band. They played a great set for us, introduced a catchy song, and had many of our out-of-towners talking about how great they are to dance too! Below are some photos from Monday night's dance: