Class Recap: September Week 4

Congratulations to all those who graduated from their first month of classes! We value your commitment and look forward to seeing you in our advanced courses. 

On Monday

In Level 1 we learned the swing out combination known as the Frankie Phrase and reviewed combinations from previous weeks which included our low down combination and our closed circle combination.  Here is our send out with low downs video recap.

And here is a review of our closed circle combination.

Finally we learned the Frankie Phrase which starts from closed position with three swing outs and ends with a circle. 

We learned the Shim Sham in Level 1.5 which is a famous swing line dance known all over the world.  Here's a video of the Shim Sham steps.

Level 2 continued our six count material and tonight we got into sugar pushes.

And our routine prep is underway for the Flatiron Stompers. If you're ready for or in Level 2+, Next week is the official sign-up date to perform at the White Christmas Ball.