The Flatiron Stompers Need You!

This year Boulder Swing Dance’s troupe, the Flatiron Stompers, will be performing again at the Winter Ball in Broomfield on December 3d. This is a community performance team open to all of our students who have completed Level 1.5. Come out and learn a fun Lindy Hop and Balboa choreography put together by Sarah and Anthony that builds on and refines the material you’ve been learning in class. If you have never performed before, this is the perfect opportunity to do so!


In September we will be running a special 4-week routine prep series. You don’t need a partner to do this class series, and you don’t need to commit to joining the team to do the class. The prep class will go over a number of the combos that will be covered in the routine itself. In October rehearsals will start. You are responsible for finding your own partner and attending all the team practices. If you do not take the prep class, you must get an instructor’s permission to join by demonstrating competency in the combinations covered. After two months of rehearsals the team will perform at the Winter Ball in Broomfield on December 3rd, as well as the annual Festivus Flatiron Stomp dance.



Performing a routine is one of the best ways to improve as a dancer. You get constant, focused, repetition necessary for making good dance habits permanent. It is also a fun way to connect with other people and be a part of a team. It is also a great opportunity to show off your stuff in a safe, supportive, environment.



The Ball is on December 3rd. September we will hold a routine prep class series (using punch cards). Then we will start the actual routine rehearsals on October 3d and run through to the end of November. There may be extra optional practices scheduled closer to November.



Being a part of a performance group requires certain responsibilities to your partner and to the team as a whole. To make the performance experience as smooth as possible here are some of the ground rules for joining the performance team. If you break these guidelines, then it may be cause for asking you to leave the group.

• You must sign up with a partner of your choosing
• Attend all practices. If an emergency comes up, or you know in advance that you must miss a practice, let either Anthony or Sarah know. You will be responsible for catching up
• Try to practice outside of class with your partner when possible. This is optional, but it will make things easier
• Be respectful of your fellow team mate
• Take the September preparation class series. If you miss this you must get instructor permission to join the routine by demonstrating competence in the combos covered


• White shirt
• Black slacks
• Black shoes
• Blue bow/ tie

• Black skirt or slacks
• White blouse
• Orange hair flower
• Black shoes preferable



The September routine prep classes are like our normal classes and can be paid with punches on a punch card.

The actual routine, starting in October, will cost $120/person ($70 for students). This includes admission to the Winter Ball ($45 value). This money is used to cover the cost of room rental and teachers for the series. Registration can be done on Monday nights or online. Talk to Krister if you need to arrange a more flexible payment plan.

As a bonus, everyone in the routine class can take the Level 2 classes and get into the Flatiron Stomp dance on Mondays for free!