Class Recap: August Week 5

Our magical fifth Monday in August was one not to be missed!

In our first hour everyone joined together for a steals class taught by Krister. Remember to look for creative ways to sneak in, and don't be shy when trying to grab someone!

In our Level 1 time-slot we had a huge group learning the Shim Sham from Anthony and Sarah. Check out a video of Frankie Manning himself teaching the shim sham, and check out Youtube for some awesome variations to take your practice to the next level.

Finally, in Level 2  we finished up with a focus on Balboa and transitioning in between Lindy, Balboa and even Charleston. 

Check out photos from our Pokemon-themed dance, where people dressed up as their team colors, battled at the gym (team Instinct tried but just couldn't win over team Valor), watched Denver Swing Project (or DS Pikachus as we called them) perform, and competed in Balloondy-Hop Pokemon Edition: