Class Recap: August Week 4

School's back in session and we were busy here at Boulder Swing's school of DANCE.

Level 1 students finished off their first month's material with some review, including our low-downs combination, our "I Love Lindy Hop" phrase and twist arounds. Anthony and Sarah then taught students the swing out combination and the Frankie Phrase with a circle.

Here's the swing out combination:

And the Frankie Phrase:

Reminder: Next week during our Level 1 session we'll be teaching the popular swing "line" dance known as the Shim Sham! This is a great opportunity to learn some basic jazz moves and prepare you for the dance we do after every birthday jam. 

In Level 1.5 we continued our swing out material with free spins. If you've taken 1 month of 1.5, stick around next month for our 1.5 series: Promenades. If you've completed both months, you're ready to join in on Level 2 the following hour, but we recommend you still take the 1.5 class the first hour (it's FREE after all, when taking a more advanced class the same night). 

In our Fast Dancing and Balboa curriculum for Level 2 students, we focused on honing our triple steps to make them more efficient, then we transitioned into Balboa

And in our Specialty Class: Hollywood vs Harlem we jumped back to the days of Frankie Manning.

Other Reminder: Our specialty class and 1.5 next week are combining and anyone else is welcome to join in as we're offering a special Steals class! This is one not to miss, and stick around after for our Pokemon themed dance!

Here are photos from our social dance: