Class Recap: August Week 3

It's the middle of the month and students are flying through the material given to them!

In Level 1 students reviewed the "I love Lindy Hop" phrase, and also worked on our swing out and a twist combination for followers. Finally since students were picking up the material so fast, Brandon and Sarah also threw in the Frog Jump!

Our closed circle combination starts with a circle into closed position, flip flops, and then a circle back to starting position. Sumo-fire! 

Here's our twist around combination, starting with a swing out from closed, followed by twists and ended with a circle into closed position:

Level 1.5 students continued learning out swing out curriculum.

Adam Brozowski joined us for one more week and gave our Level 2 students a taste of fast dancing and some useful variations to a swing out. 

And finally in our Hollywood vs Harlem specialty class we reviewed the LA Style sendout and whip, and added Dean's cradle and sugar pushes. 

If you want to see more of the LA Style, check out the Dean Collins and Jewel McGowan Facebook page for clips and photos. 

Social dance

Thanks to Brittney for DJing a great set for us at our social, here are some of the many great moments from week three: