Class Recap: August Week 1

We're back at it again for another month of swing at Kake's studios!

On Monday

Level 1 welcomed a new crop of students. Anthony and Sarah taught us the basic rock-step, triple step footwork, we met up with partners and learned a few combinations. First up was the closed position combination with Charlie's Angels. 

After that we practiced our send out into low-downs combination:

Since July only had three weeks of classes, we spent time in level 1.5 covering the final week of material normally taught in level 1 including the circle (round, round back-it-up) and threw it into our Frankie Phrase.

As expected we had a full classroom for our fast dancing and Balboa curriculum in level 2. We practiced swing outs at fast tempos and talked about staying relaxed. After that we learned the basic Balboa footwork, how to connect with a partner, and rotated with the footwork then added scoots. 

And this week in our specialty class we focused on Savoy style in our "Harlem VS Hollywood" series. 

This weekend is Lindy on the Rocks, which is a great opportunity to experience a dance "weekender" in Denver, improve your skill level, learn from guest instructors from all over, and enjoy some highly-attended dances. We'll see you next week when we welcome Adam Brozowski as a guest instructor for our specialty class, and until then, check out our photos from the social dance below: