Coming up in August at Boulder Swing

We can't wait for you to join us this August at Boulder Swing Dance. We start a new series of classes as listed below, and don't forget to join us the first Monday of the month for live music with Jeremy Mohney and his band after classes. Also, join us for our social event at Rayback Collective for board/ party games on August 27th. We're taking a break from Tuesday night Balboa this month, but have Monday nights packed with great material. 

Monday Night at Kake's Studios

We start a new Level 1 Swing series this month on August 1st from 8-9 PM.  If you are new to swing dancing, this is where you should start. We'll be teaching you the foundations of Lindy Hop.

If you've completed a month of Level 1, then you're ready to start our Level 1.5 from 7-8 PM.  This month we'll be focusing on swing out technique and adding in turns.

Level 2 will be from 8-9 PM, which is for students who have taken two months of 1.5 (Both our swing out month, and our promenade month.) This August we're teaching students how to deal with fast tempos when swinging out, as well as learn the basic movements of Balboa. 

Also, on Monday, we're adding a specialty class for students in Level 2 or higher in our 7-8 PM block that explores both Savoy and LA styles of Dancing. 

As Lindy Hop gained in popularity, two styles developed. In New York the "Savoy style" grew out of the dancing in Harlem, and in particular the Savoy Ballroom. Frankie Manning is the poster child of this type of swing. Meanwhile in Hollywood Dean Collins spread a smoother style of Lindy. Today's modern Lindy Hop incorporates and builds on elements from both the Savoy and LA styles.

Weeks 1 and 4 will be focused on the roots of the danced developed in Harlem New York. For weeks 2 and 3 special guest instructor, Adam Brozowski, along with Heather Ballew will teach authentic LA style Lindy Hop. This series is a great way to expand your vocabulary of moves as we will be teaching many of the favorite moves of Frankie Manning, Dean Collins, and Jewel McGowan.

*ATTENTION BALBOA DANCERS* We're taking a break from Tuesday nights at the Integral Center for the month of August. Check our website for updates on our Balboa classes, and please join us for our Level 2 fast dancing and beginning Balboa. Even if you're more advanced this is a great opportunity to join in and get those new to the dance psyched about learning Bal. 


After class, from 9 PM-10:30 PM we'll have our regular weekly dance.  Staying for the social dance is a great way to try out moves you learn from lessons, as well as get to know your classmates, and it's free if you take a class.  On August 1st Jeremy Mohney and his band are playing for us, so stick around for some great live music!

Monthly Social Event 

It can be hard to get to know people at a dance or in class. That's why we try to orgainize monthly get-togethers so people can hang out and learn more about each other. This month we're trying a new hang out spot called Rayback Collective. It's an indoor/outdoor food truck "court" with beer on tap and some other beverages. They have some outdoor games but we're planning on bringing board games as well, and supplies for Fishbowl (think Charades²). We'll meet there around noon on Saturday, August 27th and go from there!