Class Recap: July Week 3

This week has brought a short month to a blissful close. 

On Monday 

We had a new group of students graduate from level 1. Congratulations! See you all an hour early in August, and remember, after level 1.5 class at 7 PM you can stick around and take level 1 again for free. 

Level 1 finished off the series with a review of our combinations including Charlie's Angels. We also worked on our swing out and a twist combination for followers. 

Our closed circle combination starts with a circle into closed position, flip flops, and then a circle back to starting position. Sumo-fire! 

Here's our twist around combination, starting with a swing out from closed, followed by twists and ended with a circle into closed position:

Level 1.5 finished off promenades this month. 

Elise and Anthony taught us independent swing out variations in level 2.

And in Level 2.5 we practiced more couples moves including swing outs and the sushi roll. We added more couples to the practice and did over and under-rotated swing outs. We finally ended with switches into the next partner. 

On Tuesday

A big thank you to Laura Keat for teaching with Heather this month. We'll be taking a break from Tuesday nights in the month of August but will be teaching beginning Balboa in our Level 2 class and would love for any advanced students to join in.

On Wednesday

Our SKEYE Hop was a great success again. We gave dancers a taste of Charleston to get them ready for the pace of Banshee Tree who put on a great dance for us afterward.