Class Recap: July Week 2

Week two had a surge of people join classes, and for good reason! We taught some great new material in our advanced classes, and were proud to hear during our social dance, "what a great scene" we have in Boulder! 

On Monday

We love lindy hop! Level 1 learned our most catchy phrase after practicing our basic "rock-step, triple step" footwork and partner connection, and ended the lesson on a high note (pun intended) with an aerial called the frog jump. 

Here's a review of our closed position combination with Charlie's Angels:

And a review of our "I love Lindy Hop" combination which is a swing out into stomp-offs, then a come together followed by a break step: 

Promenades and prome-nots were the theme of level 1.5 this week. Krister and Heather helped us work on our Promenades with the leaders practicing going in front, and then added in our swing out with a duck.

This week level 2 was packed, but we still made room to learn some really fun advanced promenade variations. We added a tuck turn, an inside turn, pecking and the bonus move of the night with a kick, kick, ball-change, ball-change that looks super sweet.  

And this week in level 2.5 we swiveled and switched. Follows focused on swiveling through our triple steps, and learned a kick, ball-change variation. Meanwhile guys practiced Suzie-Qs while leading the follow's rotation in switches. 

On Tuesday

Laura Keat and Heather continued on with their specialized Balboa material practicing lollies and turns. 

Yearning to get in on our Balboa courses but haven't made it to a beginner class yet? Next month level 2 is teaching fast dancing and Balboa to get you ready for the more advanced classes! 


And finally, below are our photos from our Monday night dance. Thanks for DJing Anthony!