Class Recap: July Week 1

We've watched fireworks, we've danced at the farmer's market, we've melted under this summer sun, and now we're back to dancing! 

On Monday

Level 1 began a new series for beginners to Boulder Swing. We learned the basic footwork and rhythm for our triple steps, then partnered up and practiced side-by-side. We learned a couple combinations including "Charlie's Angels" and low-downs. The first combination starts us from closed position. Watch below:

The second combination we learned takes us from closed position into open position where, when away from our partner, we learned low-downs. After lowdowns leads brought follows back to them and we learned a rock-step, break pattern to finish off the move.

This month in level 1.5 we're working on promenades. We reviewed the Frankie Phrase from level 1 and learned some moves from closed position.

We welcomed Elise as an instructor with Anthony for our level 2 month Savoy curriculum. We practiced our circles, learned scoots and added them to the Frankie Phrase. Finally we practiced the around the world spin with points. 

And in level 2.5 we refined our swing-outs, over, and under rotated our swing outs, and learned what was dubbed the sushi-roll. Then we stepped it up a notch adding a partner change with a turn and called it... the california roll. See below for all the fun (and "food") had in 2.5:

After classes we welcomed back Jeremy Mohney and his band for our social dance. See images from the dance at the bottom of this post.

On Tuesday

We were, and are, excited to have Laura Keat as a guest instructor for our Balboa Concepts series this month at the Integral Center. Alongside Heather they came up with some great material. We took paddles into lollies and then added styling and a spin. Laura gives a lot of technical pointers and has lots of interesting exercises for leaders and for followers.  She also has a special workshop coming up on July 23 in Denver so keep an eye out for that!

Here are some photos from this week's dance!