Class Recap: June Week 1

Can you believe it's June already! Once again, we've had another record-breaking month for us at Boulder Swing! 

On Monday

Our Flatiron Stompers are a mere two weeks away from performing their routine at the 1940's Ball and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us. 

In Level 1.5 we worked on refining our swing outs, we practiced the "Frankie Phrase" and we learned how to do an outside turn. Also check out the special move at the end of the recap! 

In Level 1 we started learning the beginning rhythm and footwork of Lindy hop.  We learned how to break away from our partners, low downs, and how to safely put out a fire.  Here is a video of our first combination of the night.  It alternates two 8-count basics and two of our Charlie's Angels moves.

The second combination we did was a send out, low downs, a bring in, and our rock-step break.

Level 2 began their Charleston series. In this class we learned the basic footwork, some stylizations, and the slide-back variation to the basic step. We finished off the lesson with kick-aways.

After classes we enjoyed the three-piece ensemble known as Jeremy Mohney and His Band. Thanks to all who came out, we had one of our best dances to date. We even had people dancing in the parking lot to spread out and break the heat! Scroll down to see images from the evening.

On Tuesday

Tuesday at The integral Center started two new classes for Boulder Swing Dance.

In Level 2.5 Anthony and Sarah gave us a more advanced Charleston curriculum and covered a ton of material. In the first week they showed us how to transition in and out of the basic Charleston, kick-aways, tandem and the pancake Charleston including the S-turn which got us from side-by-side into tandem.  

In Balboa Concepts we practiced come-arounds and drifts then added new footwork for our in-and-outs. 

And here's a little clip of our circular Shim Sham from Monday night: