Class Recap: June Week 4

This last week in June wrapped up one of our most successful months to date at Boulder Swing. Thanks to all our new students as well as our regulars for helping swing dance grow in our community. Just a reminder there are NO CLASSES on July 4th to celebrate Independence Day, so we'll start our series on the 11th. However we WILL have Balboa at the Integral Center on Tuesday July 5th. 

On Monday

We have another awesome group of new dancers who graduated from Level 1 this month, and are now ready to move on to Level 1.5 in July! You all did great this month.

In Level 1 we learned the swing out combination and reviewed combinations from previous weeks which included our low down combination and our closed circle combination.  Here is our send out with low downs video recap.

And here is a review of our closed circle combination.

Here is the swing out combination we learned this past Monday.

Our specialty class reviewed what we learned so far in the Tranky Doo, then finished the rest of the line dance. We refined our Shorty Georges and stylized our jazz squares. Here's a video recap of Heather's Tranky Doo class.

Level 1.5 reviewed the material from the last three classes, then added promenades and "front-and-backs" where the leader rocks the follow up and back from side by side. 

In Level 2 Anthony and Sarah worked on some more tandem Charleston combinations. Here is a recap video of what was covered.

On Tuesday

Anthony and Sarah continued our level 2.5 series with more Charleston transitions.

And finally, Balboa concepts finished up their in and outs series. Here's the recap below:

On Wednesday

We hosted our first dance at a brewery! SKEYE Brewing invited us to bring swing dance to Longmont, and what a great turn-out. With over 20 people in the lesson and many more showing up for the dance it was lots of fun!


Here are some photos from our Monday night dance as well as our SKEYE Stomp: