Class Recap: June Week 3

On Monday

In our specialty workshop we started learning the first half of the Tranky Doo from Heather, which was for some our first experience with fall-off-the-logs, tackie-Annies and more. Here's the video recap: 

In 1.5 we worked on some fine-tuning for the leads, we talked about giving follows direction first, then rotation, and also learned one of coolest Lindy moves: the Texas Tommy.

In Level 1 we practiced being sumo wrestlers and learned a combination that allows the followers to strut their stuff.  

The first video is the closed circle combination which includes a circle from closed position, two Charlies Angels, and then another circle from closed.

The next video is our twist around combination which includes a swing out from closed, the twist around, and ends with a circle.

We also reviewed the Mess Around Combination, which is a fun, playful move to do in open position.  It starts with a swing out from closed, the mess around, a bring in, and ends with a rock step break.

Level 2 continued with our Charleston course. We reviewed some of the moves from last week and added in tandem Charleston. Finally we added a push out while in tandem and learned how to get out of tandem back into handshake position. 


On Tuesday

In Level 2.5 our Charleston transitions series continued with Anthony and Sarah teaching us more Charleston swing out variations. They also switched gears a little and taught a type of tuck turn into "coat position" from handshake position in which the lead's hand ends up on the follows opposite shoulder. From there they showed us Lindy footwork, Charleston and walks from this closed position. 

Balboa concepts carried on with out and in material. We went from closed position to open and back, and added a kick-cross step for style while transitioning. We also took out some of the steps and added swoops or kicks for the lead or follow, and ended the lesson with an inside turn.

Here are a few images from our Monday night dance: