Class Recap: June Week 2

Despite the 90° Despite temperatures, we had a fantastic turnout this week!

On Monday

The Flatiron Stompers had their last Monday night practice before the big event! We can't wait to see their performance at the 1940's Ball this Saturday. Don't forget, the last two weeks we're running the Tranky Doo "line-dance" during this time slot.

In Level 1.5 it was all about swivels.

In Level 1 we covered some of our favorite combinations, which include our Charlie's Angels Combo, the Mess Around Combo, and the I Love Lindy Hop Combo.  Not only do we love Lindy Hop (hence the name of that combo), but we also love combinations because they are useful learning tools.  Instead of having to pick every move, combinations give us a sequence of moves to dance to that fit the music.  

The first video is a review of our 8 count basic and Charlie Angels Combo.

The second clip is our Mess Around combo which is a swing out from closed, mess around, then bring back in and rock step break.

And here's our "I Love Lindy Hop" series. 

Sarah and Anthony continued our Charleston month in Level 2 with a review of the basic footwork. We learned how to transition from basic to kick-away Charleston and ended with the butterfly rotation. 

On Tuesday

In Level 2.5 we learned how to exit from tandem Charleston with a turn. We were also introduced to Charleston swing outs including different handholds and practiced the "rock-step, kick-step" footwork. 

Balboa Concepts covered in-and-outs where we practiced "out-out-in-pivot" for a new footwork pattern, and also threw in lollies to increase our Balboa repertoire. 

Durring the dance we had a huge turnout, we got to see our Flatiron Stompers perform their routine, and we watched a preview of the Tranky Doo which we'll be teaching the next two weeks from 7-8PM. Here are some photos: