We Danced the Bolder Boulder!

This past Monday we had an energetic group of Boulder Swing Dancers come together to participate in the Bolder Boulder.  We called ourselves Bolder Swing Boulder Swing and danced our way through the race!  It was a fantastic, silly, swingin’ time.  In fact, some of our dancers have participated in this race multiple times and said dancing it with Boulder Swing Dance was the most fun they’ve had!

The Bolder Boulder is a very popular 10K held in Boulder every Memorial Day.  The whole town is involved and while there are many serious runners, there are also plenty of people who dress up in costumes and do the race in style.

Our race style was swing dancing.  We had a portable boombox playing swing music, which allowed us to Charleston, Shorty George, and boogie our favorite jazz steps throughout the race.  It also allowed us to stop and do the Shim Sham a few times and even do a steal jam to celebrate finishing our first mile. 

Another part of what makes the Bolder Boulder special is all of the fun things happening on the sidelines.  We slid through slip n’ slides, took pictures with people dressed as Doritos, and stopped to dance to some of our favorite bands playing on the sides!  We loved being able to catch up with Banshee Tree, a fabulous swing band, near the end of the race and we also had the chance to dance it up once we were in the stadium.  A few of us crossed the finish line doing the Shorty George.  Here's a video of us swinging away to Banshee Tree:

Overall it was a blast. We even had some very dedicated students who ran the race first and then came back to dance with us!  We were thankful to have them.  Because we had so much fun, we’re planning on participating next year.  So stay tuned for more info about signing up and participating with us!

Here are some excellent pics captured throughout the race: