Class Recap: May Week 1

We had record numbers in our classes this week at Boulder Swing Dance.  Thank to everyone who came out!

On Monday

Our Flatiron Stompers continued working hard on their routine, which includes some aerials.  We can't wait to see the finished product!

In Level 1.5 we worked on refining our Lindy circle as well as our promenades. In Level 1 we had a big group of new students and began teaching the beginning rhythm and footwork of Lindy hop.  We also learned how to break away from our partners, low downs, and fire management.  Here is a video of our first combination of the night.  It alternates two 8-count basics and two of our Charlie's Angels moves.

The second combination we did was a send out, low downs, a bring in, and our rock-step break.

In Level 2, we learned the 6 count footwork of rock step, triple, triple.  We also learned many variations of passbys including a passby with a free turn and then a passby into closed.  From there we worked on putting these 6 count moves into longer phrases.


On Tuesday

We started a new series of balboa classes at the Integral Center.

In Level 1.5 we went over the up hold basic and down hold basic and practiced switching between the two in the Long Beach Break.  We also practiced rotating our lollies and having the followers step in front and across instead of kicking on lollies.  Finally, we worked on exiting lollies with a throw out.

In Level 1 Balboa we introduced the basic footwork, turns, our prepare step, the Balboa version of Charlies' Angels, and finally how to dance between Balboa and Lindy Hop.

Swing Lab

Next we will continue on with our Monday and Tuesday classes, as well as add in Swing Lab! This is a chance to work on an practice your dancing in a great learning environment. Have a move you want to perfect? There will be people there to practice it with you. Need inspiration or help? We have our talented instructors on hand to answer your questions. For more information, check out our Swing Lab page.


Here are some pictures from this past Monday night dance.