Class Recap: May Week 3

We had a blast this week at our Monday night and Tuesday night classes.  Thanks for dancing with us!

On Monday

Our Flatiron Stompers worked hard on their routine; they're officially one month away from their big performance at the 1940s Ball on June 18th.  Be sure to get tickets to this fabulous event for a fun night and the chance to cheer on this hard working group of students!  In Level 1.5 we continued working on lindy circles, promenades, and the duck move.  Solidifying moves and building muscle memory is key to helping dancers feel confident on the dance floor.  

In Level 1 we practiced being sumo wrestlers, found our inner spirit animal, and learned a combination that allows the followers to strut their stuff.  

The first video is the closed circle combination which includes a circle from closed position, two Charlies Angels, and then another circle from closed.

The next video is our twist around combination which includes a swing out from closed, the twist around, and ends with a circle.

We also reviewed the Mess Around Combination, which is a fun, playful move to do in open position.  It starts with a swing out from closed, the mess around, a bring in, and ends with a rock step break.

Level 2 covered some fun phrases with 6 count steps.  This week we learned the Norma phrase, which includes a hip-hip hooray, 3 passbys into closed and ends with a rock step break.  We also learned the barrel turn, reviewed the harlem phrase, and discussed removing triple steps when the music is fast.


On Tuesday

We taught our third week of Balboa classes at the Integral Center.

In Level 1.5 we covered promenades, practiced getting into promenades, and leaders learned the behind the back turn to transition out of lollies.

Level 1 worked on moving right and left with the basic, rotating prepares, lollies, and transitioning between Balboa and Lindy Hop.

Next week is our last week of classes in May.  On Monday night we'll be teaching the Shim Sham at 7:00PM and on Thursday we'll be hosting another Swing Lab practice session at 7:00PM at the Integral Center.  We're also hosting a special Learn to Swing Bootcamp on Saturday May 28th.  See you next week!