Class Recap: May Week 2

This week was a great one at Boulder Swing Dance.  Thanks to everyone who came out!

On Monday

Our Flatiron Stompers continue to polish choreography for their 1940s ball routine.  We're excited to cheer them on when they perform in June.  In Level 1.5 we reviewed our promenades and learned our duck move.  

In Level 1 we covered some of our favorite combinations, which include our Charlie's Angels Combo, the Mess Around Combo, and the I Love Lindy Hop Combo.  Not only do we love Lindy Hop (hence the name of that combo), but we also love combinations because they are useful learning tools.  Instead of having to pick every move, combinations give us a sequence of moves to dance to that fit the music.  

The first video is a review of our 8 count basic and Charlie Angels Combo.

The second video is our Mess Around Combo which includes a swing out from closed, mess around, bring in and rock step break.

This is our I Love Lindy Hop combination which includes a send out, the I Love Lindy Hop rhythm, a bring in, and a rock step break.

In Level 2 Freeman and Sarah taught the Harlem phrase, which incorporated the hip, hip, hooray move from last week, a jump, and finished with a Lindy circle into closed position or a point at your partner to stay in open position. 


On Tuesday 

We had another fun night of Balboa at the Integral Center.  In Level 1.5 we reviewed material from last week which included the balboa steps of upholds, downholds, and combined those steps into the long beach break, then added triple steps into those steps.  We also worked on come arounds and made them move 360 degrees.  Next we reviewed lollies and followers practiced staying on one foot, crosses, and then triple stepping with the crosses.  Then we practiced how to get out of lollies and back into the basic footwork.

Level 1 reviewed the basic and how to travel with the basic and then we reviewed some dance combinations.  The first combination alternated between the basic footwork and rotating prepares.  The next was the Charlies Angels combination that included a prepare, two Charlies Angels, then ended with a prepare.  We also practiced transitioning from Balboa into Lindy Hop and finally we added some lollies!


On Thursday

We had our first Swing Lab practice group!  We had dancers of all levels there who came ready to dance and improve their technique.  Our next Swing Lab is in two weeks at the Integral Center on Thursday, May 26th.  Come join us for a great night of dance practice!

Finally, here are some fun photos from our dance on Monday!