Class Recap: April Week 4

This month was awesome at Boulder Swing Dance.  Thanks for attending our lindy hop classes, our balboa classes, and our social event!

On Monday

The Flatiron Stompers Performance Troupe is continuing to learn and refine their choreography.  We're counting down the weeks until we can see them perform at the 1940's ball!

In Level 1.5 we reviewed moves from previous classes like promenades, swivels, and free turns. Followers worked on the timing of their swivels.  We also learned how to do the Texas Tommy move, which is a behind the back turn that's really fun!   

Our Level 1 class was a particularly awesome group of enthusiastic learners.  Here we are smiling at finishing our first month of Lindy Hop!

In Level 1 we learned the swing out combination and reviewed combinations from previous weeks.  Below is the swing out combination we learned.

Week four of Level 2 learned jig kicks and how to add variations to jig kicks like boops, triple steps, and doing them in side-by-side position.  We also focused on sailor kicks and how to get in and out of that move.  Below is our video recap:


On Tuesday

We finished up a great month of Level 1 Balboa.  We reviewed the material we learned in previous weeks and learned how to incorporate inside turns and lollies into our dancing.  We also discussed how to switch seamlessly between Balboa and Lindy Hop.  Here is the video recap:

We are adding classes and hosting some very cool special events in May.  So come back and join the fun!