Flatiron Stomp: Promenade!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Monday and Tuesday night classes!  They were awesome!

On Monday

Our Flatiron Stompers are working hard on their routine.  Less than two months before they perform at the 1940s ball!

In Level 1.5 we worked on free spins, outside turns, promenades, and promeNOTS : )

In Level 1 we continued adding to our collection of combinations.  We reviewed our Charlie's Angel combo, which we then incorporated into our closed circle combo.  We also learned the twist around move---a move that gives follows the chance to shine.  

The first video is the closed circle combination, which includes a circle, Charlie's Angels, and finishes with another circle.

The next video is our twist around combination which includes a swing out from closed, the twist around, and then ends the combination with a circle. 

Level 2 practiced replacing rock steps with fun swingout variations like heel rocks, shakes, kicks and more!  We also practiced incorporating solo jazz into our social dancing. 

On Tuesday 

We had our third week of Level 1 Balboa classes and this week we focused a lot on technique.  We talked about how to smooth out our rotating, and connection and positioning for follows.  We also learned the mambo step and how to insert our prepare move into the mambo step.

And last, but not least, here are some fun pictures from our social dance on Monday night!  Come join the fun next week!