Flatiron Stomp Recap: I Love Lindy Hop!

We loved seeing everyone at our Monday and Tuesday night events!

On Monday

Our Flatiron Stompers continued to make steady progress learning their choreography.  They're also working hard on dance technique and performing as a group.

In Level 1.5 the followers perfected their awesome swivels and we learned outside turns.  We also talked about how to pay attention to your partner and make the dance a conversation between two people.  

In Level 1 we learned some fun combinations. Combinations are useful for dancing because instead of having to pick each individual move, knowing combinations allows leaders to dance a sequence of moves that fit with the music. It's possible to dance a whole song with just a few simple combinations! Here's the video of our I Love Lindy Hop Combination.

Last week's Level 2 class went over the Frankie shuffle and around the world moves.  This week we reviewed those moves and also covered promenades, focusing on how to travel with your partner.  Here's the video from last week's class.

On Tuesday

We had another fun night of Balboa!  In class we reviewed the basic and how to travel with the basic then we added dance combinations.  The first combination alternated between basic footwork and prepares.  The next combination added side steps to the prepares and then tried rotating this move in a circle.  We also learned a combination that included a prepare, two Charlies Angels, then ended with a prepare.  It was a lot of material, but our students were up to the challenge!  Here's a video recap below.

Finally, here are some photos from our dance.  So many smiles!  See you next week!