Flatiron Stomp Recap: Swivel, Swivel

Last night was a great start to our March series at Boulder Swing.  We had an incredible turnout! A big thanks to everyone who came out to dance with us.

Our Flatiron Stompers routine is at full capacity and we're excited to have a group of enthusiastic students ready to learn fun choreography. In Level 1.5 we worked on our swing out technique, which is super important for building the foundations of Lindy Hop.  We also worked on swivels (so fun!) and promenades.

Level 1 also had a great turnout and it was awesome to teach a new group of students the beginning rhythm and footwork of Lindy Hop. We also learned how to break away from our partners, low downs, and fire management.

Here is a video of our first combination of the night. It alternates two 8-count basics and two of our Charlie's Angels moves.

The second combination we did was a send out, low downs, a bring in, and our rock-step break.

In Level 2 Anthony and Sarah kicked off our Charleston month with the basic side-by-side partner Charleston and kick-aways. They also worked on dancing in and out of partner Charleston from Lindy Hop. 

After class we danced late into the night to the tunes of Jeremey Mohney and his band.  Thanks for joining us and making it a great evening!

Coming up on March 22nd, we're planning a social outing to the Mountain Sun Pub at 7pm. Community is important to us and we want to provide opportunities for students to connect and hangout outside of our regular classes and dance.  Hope to see you there!

Below are some pictures from last night.