Flatiron Stomp Recap: Shim Sham time!

Last Monday was a great night at Boulder Swing Dance.  Thanks for helping us end the month of March strong!

The Flatiron Stompers Performance Troupe continued practicing their choreography and performed what they've learned so far during our dance.  It was impressive to see all that they've in learned in 4 short weeks!  Way to go!  Here's their performance.

 In Level 1.5 we learned the Shim Sham, a famous swing line dance known all over the world.  Our students got to dance the Shim Sham with the whole Boulder Swing crew during our regular Shim Shim time at the dance.  Below is a video of the Shim Sham and a recap of what we learned in level 1.5 this month.  The video features promenades and our duck move.

In Level 1 we learned the swing out combination and reviewed combinations from previous weeks.  We worked on stringing those combinations together into one master combination that included our Charlie's Angels combo, our I love Lindy Hop combo, and the swing out combination.  We also practiced how to lead and follow in a small spaced, social dance setting.  Below is the swing out combination we learned. 

Week four of Level 2 learned a new move called a follower's turn in tandem Charleston position and an extra challenge move which gives dancers a way to transition out of tandem Charleston back into hand-to-hand Charleston. 

Next month we'll be starting a new Level 1 and 1.5 series.  In Level 2, we'll be starting up a Savoy Ballroom moves class.  Learn classic moves and techniques pioneered at the Savoy Ballroom in the 1940s.  

Also, on Tuesday nights in April we'll be starting up our Level 1 Balboa series at StreetSide Studios at 7pm.  Balboa is awesome to pull out when the music picks up tempo.  Plus, it's really fun.  We hope you'll join us!

See you in April!