Flatiron Stomp: Circle it up!

Last night's Flatiron Stomp was a blast!  It was great to see everyone there!

The Flatiron Stompers Performance Troupe is a great group of enthusiastic students.  It's awesome to see how much they've learned in three weeks!  In Level 1.5 we continued working on Lindy circles, promenades, and the duck from closed.  Solidifying moves and building muscle memory is key to helping dancers feel confident on the dance floor.

In Level 1 we learned some cool new combinations that include the closed circle move and twist around move-- a move that gives follows the chance to strut their stuff.  We also reviewed the I Love Lindy Hop combination from last week and practiced adding a frog jump in at the end of our combination.

This first video is the closed circle combination which includes a circle, Charlie's Angels, and then another circle.

The next video is our twist around combination which includes a swing out from closed, the twist around, and then ending the combination with a circle.

Level 2 covered tandem Charleston, including how to successfully get in and out of that move.

Next week is our last week in March, so come on out as we wrap up this month's classes!

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And last but not least, here are some fun pictures from the evening.