Flatiron Stomp Recap: Grabbing those Stars!

Last night was a great night at Boulder swing.  Thanks to everyone who came out!

The Flatiron Stompers started the second week of choreography for their routine and are making fantastic progress.  In Level 1.5 we perfected our promenades and learned our duck move.

In Level 1 we covered some of favorite combinations, which include our Charlie's Angels Combo and the I Love Lindy Hop Combo.  Not only do we love Lindy Hop (hence the name of that combo), but we also love combinations because they are useful learning tools.  Instead of having to pick every move, combinations give us a sequence of moves to dance to that fit the music.  

This first video is a review of our 8-count basic and Charlie Angels Combo.

The second video is our I Love Lindy Hop combination which includes a send out, the I Love Lindy Hop rhythm, a bring in, and a rock step break.

In Level 2 we covered a lot of fun Charleston moves.  We went over hand-to-hand Charleston and star grabs.  Next Monday we will begin tandem Charleston-- it's a flashy and challenging move that our students love!

Next week we'll be hosting our regular Monday night Flatiron Stomp with classes and dance, PLUS we are getting together for drinks and snacks on Tuesday at the Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery at 7pm.  We hope to see you at both events!