February Recap

February was an awesome month at Boulder Swing! We had a great group of beginners this month. Below is a group photo of our Level 1 students who are super jazzed to graduate to Level 1.5! 


Our Level 1 series placed a lot of emphasis on learning specific combinations.  These combos are useful learning tools when you first start dancing.  Instead of having to pick each move you can work on a sequence of moves that fit the music.  Below are the combinations we covered this month.  

Combo 1: Closed Position plus flip flops (Charlies Angels)- includes two basics followed by two flip flops.

Combo 2: Send Out With Low Downs-includes a send out from closed, low downs, bring your partner in, back it up, followed by a rock step break.

Combo 3: I Love Lindy Hop-includes a send out from closed, then the "I Love Lindy Hop" rhythm

Combo 4: Mess Around- start with a send out from closed and then the mess around in open position

Combo 5: Closed Circle closed position circle, followed by two basics, followed by another closed position circle. Instead of the basics you can also substitute two Charlie's Angels as shown in the video below.

Combo 6: Twist Around -a swing out from closed, a twist around for two eight counts, followed by either a bring in or a circle from open.

Combo 7: Frankie Phrase- includes a swingout from closed, two swingouts from open, followed by a Lindy circle


Level 1.5 focused on improving the fundamentals. We worked on swingouts, circles, swivels and more!  It is this level that provides a solid base for our level 2 classes.

Our level 2 students covered six count moves, learning how to switch seamlessly between six and eight count patterns. Here is a recap of what was taught in week 4.

We had two, two-week series of specialty classes.  Anthony and Elspeth taught St. Louis Shag and Heather and Anthony taught the Dean Collins Shim Sham.  Below is Heather leading the Dean Collins Shim Sham to an enthusiastic group.

We also had some awesome live music throughout the month.  Hot Punch was on fire! 

Thanks for coming out and making February a great month at Boulder Swing! Here's some picture highlights from the past month.