Interview with Hot Punch

Boulder Swing recently sat down with Prescott to talk about their swing band, Hot Punch. They will be playing at our next Flatiron Stomp on Monday, February 15th.

Q: What attracted you to swing music? Did you play any other styles before swing? When did you put your band together?

I first started listening to swing music when I was seven. I had a Nat King Cole cassette and a Glenn Miller cassette. I would listen to them all the time. I also love pop music and swing is where trombone and pop overlap. Before focusing on playing swing music I was working on post bop jazz (with very little success). Hot Punch has been together for 6 months.

Q: What are some of your influences musically?

My biggest influences musically are John Coltrane and Kanye West. Coltrane inspires me because he was capable of oneness with his instrument. He made music that can connect to a more primal aspect of humans. You don't have to understand jazz or music to understand what Coltrane was playing. I would suggest listening to "Dear Lord" by John Coltrane. Coltrane plays beautifully and Jimmy Garrison is swinging really hard on bass. I think dancers might appreciate it.

Kanye West has incredible pop sensibilities and humor in his music. When I'm composing or producing music I'm always thinking, "What would Kanye do?" My jazz compositions are very simple, but I try to make sure they are catchy and never take themselves too seriously. For someone who doesn't listen to Kanye I would recommend listening to "Dark Fantasy" by Kanye. He spent 100 hours on this track and it is beautiful. Just listen to the vocoder choir under Nicki Minaj reading a take on Roald Dahl... amazing!

Q: Not only are you fabulous musicians, but you both dance. What first got you into dancing?

We've been dancing for a year. I had been playing for dancers for almost a year and a half before I broke down and decided I had to learn. I didn't even know people were still swing dancing until I took a gig playing for dancers.

Q: What is your favorite swing dance move?

Texas Tommy, only because I get to say texas tommy. I know Danit is fond of the Shorty George.

Shorty George dancing.

Shorty George dancing.

Q: What instruments do you play?

I play trombone and Danit sings and plays piano.

Q: Do you have any other hobbies outside of music and dance?

Skiing and Cooking

Q: If you had to pick one would it be Star Wars, Star Trek, or Sponge Bob?

Star Wars, even though I was a big Worf fan as a kid.