Flatiron Stomp Recap: Sumo Fire Edition

A big thanks to all of you brave folk who braved the snow to make it out dancing. Despite the wet, heavy, snow it was a great turnout and lots of fun. Anthony spun some killer tunes for us at our dance. Below are the class recaps and photos. Next Monday we will be concluding our February series.

Level 1

This week we added in a circle from closed and open position. From open position this is another way to get our followers back into close. Just remember "sumo, fire!" We did three different combinations last night. Here are some videos of the combinations (closely related to what we covered) for you to work on.

Combo 1 was a closed position circle, followed by two basics, followed by another closed position circle. Instead of the basics you can also substitute two Charlie's Angels as shown in the video below.

Combo 2 was a swing out from closed, a twist around for two eight counts, followed by either a bring in or a circle form open.

Combo 3: We reviewed the "I love Lindy Hop" sequence from last week, but used a circle from open to bring our follower in.

Level 2 Recap

Continuing on with the six count theme, this week we continued working on our Norma phrase and Harlem phrase.

Level 1.5 Recap

We continued to work on our promenades (now with pecking!). We also added in an outside turn and Texas Tommy.

Dean Collins Shim Sham Pt 1

Heather and Anthony taught the first part of the Dean Collins Shim Sham. Here is a video recap of the material covered. Next week they will finish up the second half.


Here are some photos from the evening.