Flatiron Stomp Recap: Yard Sale Fire Sale Edition

This past Monday we had a terrific turnout for our classes, dance with Hot Punch, and our first ever vintage yard sale! Auliya, Heather, and others sold vintage items from shoes to dresses, to hair bobbles at fantastic prices. Anthony and Elspeth rocked the house with another fantastic St. Louis Shag class.

Our level 2 class continued working on six count patterns, and our level 1.5 class worked on swing outs, promenades, circles, and free spins.

A number of dancers closed out the night with Danit, Prescott, and the rest of Hot Punch swinging hard. 

In our Level 1 class we covered the following patterns tonight. These combos are useful learning tools when you first start dancing. Instead of having to pick each move you can work on a sequence of moves that fit the music.

Combo 1: Closed basic plus flip flop (Charlie's Angels)

Combo 2: I love Lindy Hop with a swing out from closed

We also worked on doing our low downs with the same "I love Lindy Hop rhythm".

Join us next week for our classes and a DJ'ed dance. Heather and Anthony will be teaching the Dean Collins Shim Sham!

Below are some photos from the evening.