Class Recap: December Week 1

In lieu of our regular series classes, we're spending the first two Monday's of December teaching specialty classes. This Monday we learned 20's Charleston, Tango for Lindy Hoppers, and Dips and Tricks.

Lesson Recaps

In Tango for Lindy Hoppers, Jessica Cutler taught us slow dancing with Tango moves. We started with connection then walks. We learned to rotate in this connection and added a leg flare move into promenades.

In the second hour Freeman and Heather showed us some flashy moves for the dance floor. We started with a simple dip, learned a side dip, then moved on to the frog jump and the A-frame. Finally we learned "mop the floor" to finish off the lesson.

For two hours Anthony and Sarah worked with students on 20s Charleston. We learned the basic steps, did a follows turn, then a leaders turn and combined them. We learned stylizations for the basic footwork and learned the "Squirrel."


Tonight we welcomed back Jeremy Mohney and his Band for our first Monday social dance. We also had the pleasure of watching a performance by The Ladies and Gentleman, choreographed by Todd and Reese. Here are the photos: