Class Recap: December Week 2

Happy Festivus to all!

This week we wrapped up the year with four specialty classes.

Collegiate Shag

Laura Keat taught the basic footwork, and some other shag moves. Here's a video of Laura teaching a different class which at least covers the footwork so you can practice!

Boogie Woogie

Matt and Skye taught the basic boogie boogie footwork "Pas de Bourree, Pas de Bourree, kick-ball change." We practiced with a partner, did a swing out, then learned a turn. 

Doin' The Jive

Heather taught us this great routine to the Careless Lovers' song "Doing the Jive" so practice hard and get ready to try it out in the new year!

Festivus Dance with Banshee Tree

We had a great night of dancing with so many ugly sweaters, a festivus pole (aka a broom), a dance performance to the Beach Boys, and no one will forget Krister's entirely gold outfit. Check out photos from our dance here: