Class Recap: November Week 1

Thanks everyone who came early this week! That time change sure helps everyone get going (and kept everyone out dancing late).

Here's what happened this week at dance

Level 1 students at both Kake's and SKEYE learned the basic rock-step, triple-step footwork. We then connected with our partner and practiced moving with the footwork in and out of the circle. Here's our closed circle combination: 

We then learned how to break away from our partner with a send-out. From there we practiced low-downs, then reconnected with our partner. Here's the send out combination:

Finally in Level 1 we did the mess-around combination where Anthony and Sarah had us laughing like Count Dracula "ha ha ha ha" after a swing out. Then we reconnected with our partner, and the combination is as follows: 

In Level 1.5, our students are on their Promenades material. On Monday we started with a review of the Frankie Phrase below:

Krister and Lexi then taught some stylizations for leads and follows of the 1-2 of the swing out. Follows did a twist-twist, while leads practiced knee wobbles. And finally students got an introduction to promenades and prome-nots. 

Students in Level 2 started our Savoy curriculum with Skye and Freeman. We learned Frankie drops, Around the World with points, and Ride the Pony! 

Flatiron Stompers are in their final few weeks of practice, and we can't wait to see them perform at our Festivus Party! 

Check out photos from our dance with Jeremy Mohney and his band!