Class Recap: November Week 3

Happy Thanksgiving, Dancers! If you're looking for a place to eat turkey and give thanks, check out our Friendsgiving on Facebook, and now for our Recap:

Level 1

Students in level 1 practiced the basic footwork. We learned our twist around combination and also learned the circle (think sumo-fire!). 

Level 1.5

For our promenades month students continued to learn promenade and prome-not variations. Lexi and Krister also discussed musicality, and talked about social dancing and more.

Level 2

We worked on swing out variations on the 1-2, and the 7-8. Check them all out here:

Flatiron Stompers

The Flatiron Stompers are less than two weeks away from performing at the 1940's ball. They've been working really hard and we can't wait to see their routine!

You Mustache me to Dance...Dance

This week we had a great turnout. Everyone donned their mustaches and we had high participation for Swing Bingo (Swingo). Congratulations to Amanda for winning! Check your inbox, so can redeem your prize next Monday. Thanks so much to Heather for DJing! Now here are the photos: