Class Recap: October Week 1

Hello October! We're off to a fantastic start here at Boulder Swing Dance this Autumn.

On Monday

Level 1 welcomed a new group of beginner students. Anthony and Sarah taught us the basic step, step, triple-step footwork, then we connected with a partner and practiced a couple combinations. First is our low downs combination: 

Then we also also did our mess around combination where we swing out from closed, hop into a mess around (Ha ha ha ha) and end with the rock-step, break.

Finally Anthony and Sarah taught us the Charlie's Angels combination where we "flip flop" from one side of our partner to the other, into the circle then back out. 

And in Level 1.5 we began our swing out material.

Level 2 was FULL of students for our Charleston series. We began with the basic footwork rock-step, kick, kick and kick, then added a couple stylizations. 

And finally, our Flatiron Stompers routine is under way. If you're one of the 12 couples who've signed up, please keep an eye on your inboxes as Catherine should soon be sending you an invite to a Facebook group where we'll be posting recap videos and staying in touch on special practices etc. 

After classes we enjoyed the three-piece ensemble known as Jeremy Mohney and his Band. Thanks to all who came out for classes and the dance and we'll see you next week!