Class Recap: October Week 2

Monday Night Lessons

In Level 1 we reviewed our rock step, triple step footwork and learned two new combinations. First up is the "I Love Lindy Hop combination where we swing out from closed position, have our "play time" and then back to closed position.

Then we learned our twist around combination: 

Level 1.5 was all about swivels! Check out this video from Mandi Gould on swivel technique:

And Level 2 students continued with our Charleston curriculum. 

For those in our Flatiron Stompers performance team, you should have received an invite to join a private Facebook group where we'll post recap videos and hold any discussions. If you didn't get the invite talk to Catherine, Sarah or Anthony, and everyone else, we'll just have to wait and see what they have in store for us at our annual Festivus party!

Thanks to Jasper for DJing while he was visiting from Toronto! Here are some images from our social dance: