Leap into February with St. Louis Shag and the Dean Collins Shim Sham!

This month at Boulder Swing we have some awesome specialty classes in our 7-8 PM Monday night slot. For the first two weeks we will running a St. Louis Shag series with Anthony and Elsbeth. Then for the next two weeks Heather and Anthony will be teaching the Dean Collins Shim Sham. 

February 8th & 15th: St. Louis Shag

In these two classes, Anthony and Elsbeth will lead you through the basics of St. Louis Shag and show you how to integrate it into your Lindy Hop repertoire. St. Louis Shag is a dance that originated in St. Louis during the swing era, and is still done regionally there today. It combines elements of Charleston and Lindy Hop with interesting rhythms. When the music picks up tempo, St. Louis Shag will be your friend!

February 22nd & 29th: Dean Collins Shim Sham  

While most of you may know the standard Shim Sham, there are many different variants. Heather and Anthony will be teaching, over two classes, Dean Collin’s version of the Shim Sham. This is the version of the Shim Sham that is often done at Balboa events. With it’s smooth moves and sharp transitions, this is a must-know Swing era line dance!

February 29th: Steals
It’s a leap year! That means we get an extra dance dance night this February. We are going to use the extra time to focus on our steals. Join Krister and Heather in learning to steal like a thief in a class open to all levels. Become a swing burglar as you learn to steal partners effectively in a jam and in other situations.