What is happening in February at Boulder Swing

This month at Boulder Swing we have an awesome lineup of classes, great live music, and fund dancing for all!

We start a new Level 1 Lindy Hop series this month from 8-9pm. If you are new to swing dancing, this is where you should start. From 8-9 pm we will starting a new Level 1.5 series as well. We have a great group of Level 1 graduates who are making the leap this month to Level 1.5. Let’s make them feel welcome as their dance adventure continues.

Level 2 will covering six count material this month. Learn useful patterns and phrases to make your dancing more dynamic. This material will help you dance faster while breaking out of 8-count patterns and rhythms. 

From 7-8 pm we will be having some interesting specialty classes. For the first two weeks of February Anthony and Elsbeth will be teaching St. Louis Shag (February 1st and 8th)! This is a fun dance that you can integrate into your swing repertoire. Here is a video of Christian and Jenny performing St. Louis Shag recently.

For the next two weeks in February Heather will be teaching the Dean Collins Shim Sham. The Dean Collins Shim Sham is often performed at Balboa events, and is a good mob dance to add to your repertoire.

Finally, on the 5th Monday of February we will be running a steals class! Brush up on your steals technique or learn new ways to cut in. This is one of my all time favorite classes.

See you in February!