Meet the DecaVitas

Boulder Swing recently sat down with Kenny Nelson to talk about two of the instructors, Emelie and Rebecka DecaVita, that he is bringing out for his upcoming Colorado Swing Intensive.  These sisters have taken the Lindy Hop world by storm. Read on to find out more about these intrepid dancers.

Tell us about the Decavita sisters (where they started dancing, who they are, what their specialties are)?

From Emelie: she's been dancing all her life and lindy hopping for more than 10 years. They both value the art of leading and following. They are lindy hoppers based in Stockholm, Sweden who have been teaching and performing together since 2006.

How long have you known them? Where did you first meet?

I think I met the DecaVitas 2-3 years ago at Camp Hollywood. They caught my attention when they were throwing down one year at Camp Jitterbug or one of the Frankie events.

What about their dancing inspires you?

I like their ferocity, their joy, their willingness to throw down.

Emelie and Rebecka both competed in the Frankie 100 Hellzapoppin finals in New York City.

Why did you want to bring the sisters out to Colorado?

The opportunity fell into my lap via Delilah. Emelie contacted her saying they were coming to the states for Lindy Focus instead of Snowball in Sweden. I discovered they were going to be in Omaha (a short hop away) and thought I could add them to my workshop for newish swing-addicted students.

Where else have the Decavitas been visiting during this trip to North America.

As I mentioned above they were in Asheville, North Carolina for Lindy Focus. They taught this past weekend in Omaha, Nebraska and will finish their tour in Chicago, Illinois.

Tell us more about your event.

The Colorado Swing Intensive is focused around the idea of a concentrated amount of time with one instructor couple in an intimate class setting will allow the instructors to tailor their material to you, allow you to really hone in on their technique and get to know each other.

Do you have a favorite dance moment(s) involving the sisters?

I don't have many dance moments with the DecaVitas, but I would say the top one would be when Christian & Jenny, myself & Delilah faced off against Rebecka & Emelia, Danny & Mandy in the ULHS semi-finals. It was the first time I ever competed in such a battle and everyone brought it.

I hear the Decavitas will be visiting Boulder this coming week. Will they be available for private lessons?

Yes, they will be available. They're here from Wednesday until Friday night where they'll be social dancing at Late Night Under the Sun. To schedule a private, you can contact Emelie directly at decavita AT gmail .com