What's new in 2016

With the New Year comes change. At Boulder Swing we are working hard to make things even better. This year we have some awesome plans in store.


We are tweaking our class structure for the coming year. We are adding a new Level 1.5 class that better complements our Level 1 series. The Level 1.5 class will now take place on Mondays from 7-8 PM. If you have recently completed Level 1, we strongly encourage you to take the new Level 1.5 series. The Level 1.5 class is a bridge designed to help students get to Level 2. It introduces new material while reinforcing the moves learned in Level 1.

The curriculum for Level 2 is now expanded. There will be six series instead of three. These classes will provide students with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the dance, and broad exposure to different swing forms. We are really excited about this series.

Starting in February we will also be making the Flatiron Stompers into a regular performance team that will meet on Mondays from 7-8 PM. Over the coming weeks we will be announcing more of our plans, but there are some awesome things planned.

To make room for this new curriculum, we have had to drop our Level 3 series. Between the expanded Level 2 classes and the performance team, all of the material in the former Level 3 will still be covered. We feel that this new structure will improve the learning environment for most students.

Community Events

Community is important to us at Boulder Swing. This year we want to place more emphasis on making newer dancers feel even more welcome, and also provide opportunities for people to hangout and get to know each other outside of classes and dances. We will be starting regular get togethers every month. If you would like to help out with planning an event or get together, please let us know!

We are also looking for a new crop of Dance Ambassadors. If you would like to be an Ambassador, talk to either Krister, Heather, or Gretchen.

Wrap up

We are incredibly proud of how our scene has grown in the past year. We would like to thank everyone for coming together to make Boulder such a special place to dance. You all are awesome.

Let’s make 2016 even better.