September at Boulder Swing

We will begin our new series of classes on September 7th. You've worked hard all year, so come celebrate Labour Day with us! We have Jeremy Mohney and his band playing for us that night. For the rest of the month we have a fabulous line up of DJ's.

As always, we have our Level 1 series starting up again. This is your crash course in Lindy Hop. By the end of the month you will be able social dance an entire song and will have made dozens of new friends. 8-9PM.

In our Level 2 series we will be covering "Better Basics." This is where you start to refine and hone your movement, partner connection, and increase your dance vocabulary. 7-8PM

In Level 3 this month Krister and Sarah will be teaching a "Bad A$$ Dancing" series. The aim is to take your dancing to the next level with move combination and musicality. We will also be covering some of the latest trends that happened at the International Lindy Hop Championships this past month. 7-8PM

In the specialty class Anthony and Sarah will be teaching you to "Dance Gooder". They are both lovely dancers who have a wide range of experiences to draw from. Here they will share with you their inner dance secrets to help you dance gooder. Grammar lessons not included. 8-9PM.

Finally, we have our dance every Monday that follows our classes from 9-11PM. This is a great place to hang out, socialize, and meet new people.