Michael Nehls Talks About Hellzapoppin' Hoopla

The next Lindy Lions event, Super Swing Fest 2016, takes place January 30-31. It features awesome instructors and a great band. 

Vicky Youcha from Boulder Swing Dance talked with Michael about a great dance event in Colorado Springs.

Tell us a little about the Hellzapoppin Hoopla. Where was it? Who sponsored it? What was the format? Who was teaching?  

Hellzapoppin’ Hoopla was a free Lindy Hop exchange hosted by the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs swing club, the Lindy Lions. They brought Kenny Nelson, Jesse Hanus, Krister Shalm, and Heather Ballew out to teach for the weekend. Kara Fabina gave lectures about the history of Lindy Hop,  Jon and Stephanie from UCCS taught classes on Friday, and local Blues instructors, John and Sam, taught two great Blues lessons on Friday night. There were classes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with a social dance each night. There were also Solo and Jack and Jill competitions during the Saturday night dance.  Oh, and the best part about it is that it was totally free!!!


 Why did you go? What did you hope to get out of the weekend? Have you been to other dance weekends?

I went to this event because I wanted to support anyone who put the work and effort in to organizing something like this, and it was free!!!! I anticipated some good classes from a variety of instructors and great dancing. It did not let me down!! It was a very fun weekend. Before this event, I had been to SwingIN in Indianapolis.

What was the funnest part?

I absolutely love social dancing, and one of the greatest things about these weekends is getting to meet new people to dance with. I led and followed so many fun dances with new faces!!!


Anything unexpected?

I took the Balboa class as a follower. It was a really fun experience. I did not expect it to feel so different from leading!

Did you learn something you think other dancers should know?

Steal, Steal, Steal!!!! Steals can be made in any dance from any position, with a little creativity.

Would you like to see a similar event in Boulder

Absolutely! Please, somebody make this happen!!!