By Vicky Youcha

It already seems like a long time ago, but the All Balboa Weekend in Cleveland, Ohio in June was a great occasion. Tons of fabulous instructors, great dancers from all over the world and lots of opportunities to practice.

If you've ever thought about going to a dance weekend and hesitated, this is definitely a great weekend to take the plunge. There are dancers at all levels and a dedicated beginner track with extra practice time before the dances. People are friendly -- and forgiving of missed moves and stepped-on toes. PLUS, you'll get to watch the best dancers in the world compete.

This year our own Heather Ballew was a finalist in many competitions and each event had outstanding dancers. There were 3 heats in just about every event which meant not only preliminaries, but semi-finals, and then finals. Here are the Open ACBC Champions of 2015, Bobby White and Annabelle Quisao:


And even though there isn't a clip available of Heather at ABW, here's one from her first place performance at Lindy Focus XI in 2013.


My favorite class was an elective taught by Kelly Arsenault on footwork variations for followers. I love Kelly's footwork and she showed us a variety of moves that follows can add to both pure Bal and Bal-Swing. 

Here's a clip of Kelly from ILHC in 2013 -- watch her lovely taps!

So watch for ABW next year. It will again be in Cleveland, in June. Hope to see you there!