What's happening in April at Boulder Swing

We have a busy month ahead of us!

First, if you would like to learn to swing dance we will be kicking off a new beginner series this month. This is a great opportunity to get out and meet new people, have fun, and discover the joy of Lindy Hop! Our first Monday we will also be having a Jeremy Mohney and his Band play live music for us at our dance.

We are also excited to be starting our new community troupe, the Flatiron Stompers, with a 10 week routine class that will be performed at the World War II Ball in June. This is one of the largest balls of it's kind in the country, and will be a ton of fun. Ceth and Dani have cooked up an awesome choreography for this. 

In our Level 2 classes we will be focusing on six count moves and how to integrate them into your Lindy Hop. In the Level 3 classes we will be teaching some fancy Charleston material this month that you won't want to miss. 

Finally, in our specialty class, Ceth and Brittney will working on how to improve the look of your Lindy Hop as well as show you some fancy footwork variations. Here is a description of the specialty class this month:

Lookin’ Good and Fancy Footwork with Ceth and Brittney

You’ve got the basics down, but now it is time to make them look good! Great dancers use their entire bodies and are comfortable with different rhythms. In this series Ceth and Brittney will show you how to improve the aesthetics of your dance as well as give you some great footwork variations to use on the social dance floor.

Week 1:
Styling those limbs. A common problem for dancers is what to do with that pesky free arm. Ceth and Brittney will get you working on a number of ways to move your arms and use your hands with grace.

Week 2:
Better lines. This class will focus on how to clean up and improve the lines we make with our body, and the lines we move through on the dance floor.

Week 3 & 4
Fancy footwork. These two classes will introduce new footwork variations that are fun and useful on the social dance floor.