What's happening in May

This month we have some great things planned at Boulder Swing Dance! We start the month off with some great music by Jeremy Mohney and his band on Monday, May 4th. We will also be starting up a new cycle of classes including our level 1 beginner series (8-9PM). It is the perfect time to start learning Lindy Hop!

This month we will be focusing on our Charleston in Level 2 (7-8PM). Get ready to learn some awesome side-by-side and tandem Charleston moves. 

In Level 3 (7-8PM) we will be working on fast dancing and improving our basic six count and eight count movements. We will be using the first part of the California routine as a platform to explore how to move our bodies more efficiently in order to dance to faster music, as well as how to clearly differentiate between linear and circular movements.

The quintessential video of fast Lindy Hop.

In the specialty series (8-9PM) we will be focusing on spins, turns, and tricks. Often turning and spins are two things that give both leaders and followers trouble. Ceth and Lauren will help you polish and hone these skills. They will also throw in some of their favorite tricks that can be socially led. Spice up your dancing!